描述: 本设备适用于废纸、稻麦草、蔗渣、芦苇、木片、竹片、棉杆、玉米杆、刨花、锯削、木削、木条、麻类、枝桠材、灌木等原料的直接粗制浆,可直接将原料处理成丝绒状纤维,高浓制浆,减少纤维切断,配合高浓度磨浆机及精浆机

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This equipment is suitable for direct rough pulping of waste paper, wheat straw, bagasse, reed, wood chips, bamboo chips, cotton stalks, corn stalks, shavings, sawing, wood chipping, wood strips, hemp, branches, shrubs and other raw materials. It can directly treat raw materials into velvety fibers, high consistency pulping, reduce fiber cutting. It can be directly made into paper with high concentration refiner and refiner. It has strong ink absorption, high stainless brightness, soft and smooth, and is high yield mechanical pulp with good printing adaptability.